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Save 25-40% more on your utility bill with Orion’s LED high bay versus the competition!

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Watts cost money, and Orion's fixtures give you the same light levels but save you 25-40% more than any other high bay available today.

Find out why design and innovation make a difference.

The math is simple – install cost-effective LED fixtures today, and save more money on your utility bill tomorrow. Plus get all the other benefits of LED – less maintenance, better performance and more.

Watch this free webinar to learn how to save cash to reinvest in your business, or put to the bottom line. Scott Green, President of Innovation at Orion presents:

  • How much money does it cost to upgrade to LED?
  • How much more efficient are Orion’s LED high bays?
  • How much faster can you pay back that investment with Orion’s LED high bays?
  • How much can you save on your utility bill?